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Sunday 15th September 2019


Swine flu

31st May 2011

Keep track of the swine flu virus.

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The Department of Health

1st November 2012

The Department of Health exists to improve the health and wellbeing of people in England.

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Bird Flu Diary

24th January 2012

As the threat of an avian flu pandemic continues to build - at least in the media - news and comment from the world press has maintained a steady flow. Here, in a new diary format, we bring you up to date with the latest stories - in summary form - from the four corners of the globe.

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iSoft Diary

16th July 2010

iSoft, the healthcare software group, was founded in 1994 within KPMG Management Consulting, and spun out of KPMG in 1997.

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Smoking ban diary

18th September 2007

As England bans smoking in public places - part of a wave of legislation rippling around the globe - we chart the impact of the change as it hits the headlines...

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NHS Independence Diary

8th June 2007

Recently, there have been numerous calls for the NHS to be managed free from day to day political interference. Here we chronicle the debate as it develops:

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