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Sunday 15th September 2019

Health Issues

GP contract changes could damage care

25th February 2013

A BMA survey finds 91% of GPs think contract proposals would mean slower routine appointments for patients.

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Obesity hospital admissions rise

25th February 2013

Official figures show massive rise in hospital admissions due to obesity.

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Could acupuncture relieve allergies?

19th February 2013

A German study suggests acupuncture could relieve seasonal allergies.

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Comment and Opinion

22nd January 2014

Increased healthcare budgets are not the answer, says report.

Only 40% of life expectancy improvements are due to improved healthcare spending.

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25th February 2011

BMI could be missing obesity risks

Nutrition expert Dr Margaret Ashwell OBE argues using BMI alone could be missing some patients at risk of diseases associated with obesity.

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28th January 2011

Tricks that make you buy more alcohol

People in the UK buy £37bn worth of alcohol each year.

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24th January 2011

One in three primary school children are obese

Most of us are aware obesity is a problem, but many parents cannot tell when their children are overweight.

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More Top Stories

18th February 2013

Action needed to tackle obesity in Britain

Doctors recommend a 20% tax on sugary drinks to prevent Britons becoming fattest in Europe.

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18th February 2013

DIY abortion danger

Concern that women in Northern Ireland are buying abortion pills over the internet.

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Stool transplant cures C diff in gut

Flu stretching hospitals in US

Concerns over NHS approach to obesity

Lack of funding threatens malaria battle

Pharmacists selling drugs illegally

Cheaper vitamin D would boost health

How C diff travels the world

Other Top Stories

Too much TV linked to low sperm count

Early lunch boosts weight loss

NHS spends £4m sending obese patients to Weight Watchers

Smartphones could spread the flu

Deprived children are more likely to be obese

Flu hits children and elderly in US

Stool transplant cures C diff in gut

Flu stretching hospitals in US

Concerns over NHS approach to obesity

Lack of funding threatens malaria battle

Press Releases

18th October 2016

Sharp rise in children contacting Childline about online porn

Relating to: NSPCC

6th June 2016

NSPCC calls for more action to support the mental health of babies and young children in care

Relating to: NSPCC

19th February 2015

Mayden awarded SBRI Healthcare bid

Relating to: Mayden

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More Features

Public health goals should reflect state, individual responsibilities

On World Health Day, we are reminded of the complexities of the health environments in which we live and work.

Health in 25 years…

Predictions on how the world will change in the next 25 years.

Lead-poisoned children denied care

Chinese officials interfere with children's access to care and return them to contaminated environments, a rights group says.

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