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Monday 23rd September 2019


Asthma and eczema linked to junk food

15th January 2013

Scientists find junk food three times a week could lead to asthma and eczema in children.

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Five-a-day aided by family meals

20th December 2012

Study finds eating meals as a family improves children's fruit and veg intake.

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Lack of funding threatens malaria battle

18th December 2012

The WHO says progress in fight against malaria could be reversed because funding levels are half what they should be.

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Comment and Opinion

15th July 2010

Homeopathy is effective

Why do scientists continue to debunk homeopathy despite mounting evidence that it really does work.

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24th April 2008

Will 'Ofquack' cure the doubters?

As the government tightens regulation of alternative practitioners, the NHS is cutting funding.

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26th November 2007

Stop slamming homeopathy

Denis MacEoin rails against the latest barrage of criticism against homeopathy.

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1st November 2007

Can homeopathy be deadly?

The Guardian argues that taking homeopathy could have seriously devastating effects.

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More Top Stories

28th November 2012

MMR vaccine at highest level in 14 years

MMR vaccine data shows 91% of children aged under two years were given their first dose between 2011 and 2012.

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28th November 2012

Rise in children hurt on bouncy castles

US research finds a sharp rise in children sent to emergency rooms after being hurt on a bouncy castle.

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Vaccine does not make girls have sex

Trampolines 'not worth the risk'

Warning issued over liquitabs

Maize bred to fight vitamin A blindness

Obese teens score lower on brain tests

High-school cannabis use linked to lower IQ

Toddler snoring linked to behaviour problems

Other Top Stories

Doctors must take parents concerns seriously

Warning to Basildon Hospital over children's care

Diabetes being missed in children

Flu in pregnancy linked to infant autism

Parental stress linked to child obesity

Studies to monitor child brain health

Vaccine does not make girls have sex

Trampolines 'not worth the risk'

Warning issued over liquitabs

Maize bred to fight vitamin A blindness

Press Releases

18th October 2016

Sharp rise in children contacting Childline about online porn

Relating to: NSPCC

6th June 2016

NSPCC calls for more action to support the mental health of babies and young children in care

Relating to: NSPCC

19th February 2015

Mayden awarded SBRI Healthcare bid

Relating to: Mayden

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More Features

Labour camp for vaccine dad

A Chinese court upholds the sentence of a man who said his son was sickened by a tainted vaccine.

Lead-poisoned children denied care

Chinese officials interfere with children's access to care and return them to contaminated environments, a rights group says.

Two executed in baby milk scandal

Authorities in the northern city of Shijiazhuang execute two people for contaminating baby milk formula with melamine.

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