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Sunday 21st April 2019


NHS Management

Every minute matters: the impact of delayed discharges from hospital on terminally ill people in Northern Ireland

Marie Curie - This report focuses on the extent – and underlying causes – of delayed discharges across local hospitals in Northern Ireland, the impact these delays are having on terminally ill people and what can be done to address the issue. Report Press release

March 2019 Health Select Committee response: submission by the Competition and Markets Authority

Competition and Markets Authority - The Health and Social Care Committee has an inquiry open into the legislative proposals put forward to support the implementation of the NHS Long Term Plan. The Committee asked the Competition and Markets Authority to submit information regarding its role in health mergers, and the NHS Tariff. Report Competition and Markets Authority - publications

Considering “single payer” proposals in the U.S.: lessons from abroad

The Commonwealth Fund - The aim of this briefing is to compare universal coverage systems across three areas: distribution of responsibilities and resources between levels of government; breadth of benefits covered and extent of cost-sharing in public insurance; and role of private insurance. The research compares key features of universal health care systems in twelve high income countries including Australia,...

Building better: the role of transport infrastructure and services in improving mental health

London City Airport - According to this report, mental illness is costing the country £66.5 billion every year and better transport journeys can help. The report uses NHS Digital data to assess the prevalence and cost of mental health disorders in different English regions and finds that improving the way people travel and their experience at rail stations, airports and...

Implementation, impact and costs of policies for safe staffing in acute NHS trusts

University of Southampton - This report finds that hospital wards across the NHS in England are still under staffed and putting patient lives at risk despite new policies coming into force as a result of the 2013 Mid-Staffordshire Inquiry. New workforce guidelines have not led to significant improvements on the hospital wards. According to the study, hospitals are facing major...

A summary of the Network Contract Directed Enhanced Service (DES) 2019/20

Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee - At the end of January 2019, NHS England published a five-year framework for GP services agreed. One of the major changes in the contract is the introduction of the Network Contract as a Directed Enhanced Service (DES). This will enable general practice to take a leading role in every primary care network It goes live...

Guidance for registered pharmacies providing pharmacy services at a distance, including on the internet

General Pharmaceutical Council - This guidance explains what pharmacy owners should consider before deciding whether any parts of their pharmacy service can be provided safely and effectively at a distance (including on the internet), rather than in the traditional face-to-face way. Guidance Press release

The Global Mental Health Assessment Tool (GMHAT) pilot evaluation: final report

Public Health England - In 2016-2017 Public Health England and the Home Office, in collaboration with the International Organization for Migration, conducted a pilot of the Global Mental Health Assessment Tool (GMHAT). The GMHAT is a computerised clinical assessment tool developed to rapidly assess and identify mental health problems in a range of settings. The tool was tested with 200...

Advances in cancer treatment

Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST) - The pace of innovation in cancer treatment is rapid, with promising developments for patients in terms of survival and quality of life. Research in the fields of immunotherapy and radiotherapy has shown positive results in treating some cancers where established treatments are not effective. This POSTnote gives an overview of recent advances,...

Specialist nursing support for unpaid carers of people with dementia: a mixed-methods feasibility study

Centre for Health Economics - Admiral Nursing is the only specialist nursing service in the UK that specifically focuses on supporting carers of people with dementia, but evidence of its effectiveness, costs, and relationships to other services is limited. This project, jointly undertaken with the University of York’s Social Policy Research Unit, aimed to address this gap and explore the...

Violence in England and Wales in 2018: an accident and emergency perspective

Crime and Security Research Institute - This report finds that despite the recent spate of knife violence and homicide in some UK cities, the number of people injured in serious violence in England and Wales dropped by 1.7 per cent between 2017 and 2018. The study, which examines data by age and sex, is produced from a scientific sample of...

Productivity of the English National Health Service: 2016/17 update

Centre for Health Eonomics This report updates the Centre for Health Economics’ time-series of National Health Service (NHS) productivity growth for the period 2015/16 to 2016/17 and sets out trends in output, input and productivity since 2004/05. Report Press release

Quality Matters summary action plan: second edition

Department of Health and Social Care - Quality Matters is an initiative to improve the quality of adult social care, led jointly by the Department of Health and Social Care and partners from across the adult social care sector. This action plan sets out four areas for improvement: supporting collaborative commissioning; collecting and using data; strengthening the feedback culture in...

Comprehensive Investment Appraisal (CIA) Model and guidance

Department of Health and Social Care - The CIA Model is for use by the NHS to support economic appraisals in business cases. It replaces the Generic Economic Model (GEM). The user guide shows how the CIA Model can be used to support economic appraisals in business cases. It provides guidance on the key economic principles, how these are used...

Quality and safety of human blood and blood products if the UK leaves the EU without a deal

Department of Health and Social Care - If the UK leaves the EU without a deal it will become a third country operating outside of EU rules. There will be some changes to the way blood and blood components are imported and exported. This guidance sets out what is required to ensure the safety and quality of blood and blood...

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