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Saturday 24th August 2019


NHS Management

Guidance on the seasonal influenza vaccination advanced service 2019/20

Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee - This briefing provides guidance for community pharmacy contractors and their teams on the 2019/2020 NHS seasonal influenza vaccination advanced service. It discusses the background to and aims of the service, service provision, which vaccines should be covered and training of staff. Briefing Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee - news

What is population health?

The King's Fund - This animation aims to demonstrate some aspects of a 'population health' approach and to explain the role we can all play in keeping our communities healthy. Animation

More harm than good: why more isn't always better with older people's medicines

Age UK - This report calls for a more considered approach to prescribing medicines for our older population. It says too many older people in our society are on too many prescribed medicines, putting them at risk of side effects that in a worrying number of cases can lead to falls and a range of other serious harms. The report...

State of adult social care in London

London Councils - According to this research, adult social care services in London have delivered almost half a billion pounds of efficiencies since 2015 and saved the NHS around £4.6 million a year through avoiding unnecessary hospital stays. The report also warns that the sector faces a funding gap of £540 million by 2025 unless the national shortfall in adult...

The causal effect of hospital volume on health gains from hip replacement surgery

Centre for Health Economics - This study investigates the causal effect of hospital volume on health gains from hip replacement surgery in the English NHS. It exploits a unique dataset, which links routine hospital records and patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) for all public hospitals in England. Report More detail

Ageing confidently: supporting an ageing workforce

Centre for Social Justice - It is estimated that by 2035, over half of all adults in the UK will be over 50 years of age. This report proposes several recommendations to provide older people and employers with the support needed to unlock the potential of this demographic and enable older people to access the benefits of work. It states...

Preventing falls in people with learning disabilities: making reasonable adjustments

Public Health England - This guide contains information to help staff in public health, health services and social care to prevent falls in people with learning disabilities. It is also intended to help falls prevention services to provide support that is accessible to people with learning disabilities. The guide can be used by family carers, friends and paid support staff...

An evidence summary of health inequalities in older populations in coastal and rural areas

Public Health England - This report provides evidence on the health inequalities experienced by older populations in coastal and rural areas, together with a summary of key considerations to reduce inequalities and promote healthy ageing in these areas. It comprises a literature review supplemented with case studies, and brings together a range of information in one place with links to...

Progressive neurological conditions toolkit

NHS England - People with progressive neurological conditions are experiencing delays in diagnosis and treatment, fragmented and uncoordinated services, limited availability of neurospecialist rehab and reablement and a lack of psycho-social support. This NHS RightCare toolkit provides expert practical advice and guidance on how to address the key challenges when commissioning services and treating people with progressive neurological conditions. Toolkit...

Professionalism and Cultural Transformation (PACT) toolkit

NHS Employers - This toolkit aims to educate and empower staff to improve professionalism within their workplace, helping organisations move towards making the NHS the best place to work. The toolkit is based on tried and tested work undertaken by Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and is designed to help staff embed the PACT programme in their organisation. It...

International migration and the healthcare workforce

Office for National Statistics (ONS) - This analysis draws on all currently available data to set out how many migrants work in health care in the UK and explore their age structure, location and changes over time. It also presents data on specific health workers in England, such as hospital nurses and general practitioners. Report

Children's oral health: position statement

Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) - New analysis has found that more than 100,000 hospital admissions for children under the age of ten in England due to tooth decay over a three year period. This statement calls on the new government to stand by previous commitments in the Childhood Obesity Plan and Prevention Green Paper to improve children's oral health...

Department of Health and Social Care group accounting manual 2019 to 2020: consultation response

Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) - DHSC and associated bodies are legally required to produce an annual report and accounts. The group accounting manual is DHSC's guidance to bodies on preparing and publishing an annual report and accounts. In January 2019, the Department consulted on the guidance for 2019/20 and this publication outlines the response to the consultation....

How doctors in leadership roles establish and maintain a positive patient-centred culture

General Medical Council (GMC) - This report finds that positively-engaged leaders, from diverse backgrounds, are key to transforming organisational cultures. However, they are often unprepared and unsupported for the challenges of leadership during the early stages of their management careers. It makes the case for support for senior healthcare leaders to help them overcome challenges that can impact on patient...

Collaborative approaches to preventing offending and re-offending in children (CAPRICORN)

Public Health England (PHE) - This resource outlines how health, education, social care, criminal justice, voluntary sector services and others can work together to stop children and young people offending. This approach to preventing offending and re-offending has been developed by PHE in collaboration with stakeholders in national and local government, the NHS, academia and the voluntary sector. Resource

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