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Tuesday 18th June 2019


NHS Management

Sleeping in, losing out: a survey of care staff on sleep-in shifts

UNISON - This report of care staff on overnight shifts looks at ‘sleep-in’ conditions and finds some staff abused physically and verbally including being punched and threatened with knives. The findings are based on a survey of more than 3,000 people UK-wide caring for the vulnerable and elderly by staying overnight, including in residential homes, in the accommodation of those...

Whole of government accounts: year ended 31 March 2018

HM Treasury - This report consolidates the accounts of over 8,000 bodies across the public sector, including central and local government and public corporations such as the Bank of England, to produce an accounts-based picture of the UK’s public finances. It sets out what the government receives, pays, owns and owes. Report Press release

Ignoring the alarms follow-up: too many avoidable deaths from eating disorders

Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee - In December 2017, the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman (PHSO) published Ignoring the alarms: how NHS eating disorder services are failing patients. That report included five recommendations relating to: the training of doctors and other medical professionals; the quality and availability of adult services, and the transition from child to adult services; improving...

Investing in the NHS long term plan

Health Foundation - This briefing analyses the challenges now facing health and social care and looks at the implications of the plan for activity levels and workforce in the NHS in England. It sets out funding scenarios for areas of health spending outside NHS England’s budget (including NHS workforce, capital investment, the prevention agenda and adult social care) and examine...

Celebrate me: capturing the voices of learning disability nurses and people who use services

Foundation of Nursing Studies - The purpose of this initiative was to engage with nurses and people using services to gather evidence and demonstrate the impact of learning disability nursing, from experience, to help sustain its future. The outcomes from the extensive engagement have enabled us to highlight everything that there is to celebrate about learning disability nursing (the impact)...

The best job in the world? - the views of first-time NHS chief executives

NHS Confederation - This report contains the observations of nine new NHS chief executives, with tenures from 18 months to 2.5 years. It outlines the views of the new NHS chief executives on the changes in leadership approach and culture that they believe will be required if the NHS is to meet the ambitions of the Long Term Plan. Report...

NHS waiting times for elective and cancer treatment

Public Accounts Committee - The NHS treats more and more people each year, and patients have a right to expect to receive treatment within the timescales set out by the NHS Constitution. This report finds that more and more patients are being let down by the NHS’s failure to meet deadlines for waiting times. The percentage of patients treated within...

Environmental health inequalities in Europe: second assessment report

World Health Organization - This report documents the magnitude of environmental health inequalities within countries through 19 inequality indicators on urban, housing and working conditions, basic services and injuries. Inequalities in risks and outcomes occur in all countries in the WHO European Region, and the latest evidence confirms that socially disadvantaged population subgroups are those most affected by environmental hazards,...

Rare jewels: specialised parent-infant relationship teams in the UK

Parent Infant Partnership UK - Parent-Infant teams provide expertise, training, supervision and support to help local services to improve early relationships for all babies. They also provide direct therapeutic support to those who need specialist help. Our research found only 27 of these teams exist in the UK. These teams have been described as ‘rare jewels’ because they are small,...

We need to talk: access to speech and language therapy

Children's Commissioner - This report is the first time data has been brought together to show how much local areas spend on speech and language therapy services. This was previously hidden – there is no publicly available, reliable information about what is being spent, and there is no single body to hold to account for that spending. While nearly one...

A data-driven approach to cancer care

Reform - This publication from the Reformer Thoughts series brings together healthcare experts to discuss the potential of a data-driven approach to cancer care. The articles show how data are currently shaping the delivery of cancer care, how to gain the most from data that are currently available and how to maximise the potential of this data in the future....

Medicines in health and adult social care: learning from risks and sharing good practice for better outcomes

Care Quality Commission - This report report describes lessons for better medicines optimisation across health and social care providers and the positive impact of involving pharmacy professionals in health and social care settings. Report Press rlease

In plain sight: workplace bullying in charities and the implications for leadership

Centre for Mental Health - This report shines a light on the experiences of people who have been bullied in a charity workplace. It highlights the emotional harm it causes, making six recommendations to create safer systems, processes and cultures. Report Press release

Government response to the Health and Social Care Select Committee report on 'First 1000 days of life'

Department of Health and Social Care - This command paper sets out the government’s response to the recommendations made in the Health and Social Care Select Committee’s ‘First 1000 days of life’ report, published in February 2018. Report Department of Health and Social Care - publications

Chairs and non-executives in the NHS: the need for diverse leadership

NHS Confederation - This report examines the arrangements for the recruitment and appointment of chairs and non-executives within the NHS. As the report demonstrates, the progress and gains made in the early 2000s towards a more diverse board leadership in NHS trusts (including foundation trusts) has gone into reverse or made no progress. It finds that leaders, chairs and non-executive...

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