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Wednesday 21st August 2019


Healthcare Today News

IVF rates on NHS has fallen

Figures show provision of free IVF on the NHS in England at a 12-year low.

Major IT crash causes 'critical incident'

A major hardware failure at Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust has left it unable to report pathology tests.

Face-down restraint being used in mental health wards

Despite government and NHS saying it should be stopped, the face-down restraint is still being used in mental health wards in England.

Mental health support service launched for children

Figures suggest at least three children in every UK classroom are suffering from a mental health issue.

Simple steps could decrease risk of dementia

Six simple life changes could decrease risk of developing dementia say health chiefs.

Call for schools to ban tackling in rugby

Doctors are calling for UK and Irish schools to ban tackling in rugby matches.

Stroke more likely when clocks go forward

Scientists say risk of stroke increases after clocks change.

Healthy New Towns revealed

Simon Stevens reveals 10 sites to be part of Healthy New Towns programme.

Women ignoring deadly symptoms

Women are too busy and failing to go to the doctor with potentially life-threatening symptoms.

Vision for NHS to be outlined in Hunt lecture

Jeremy Hunt to expand on long term vision for NHS tonight.

Pharmacists to give flu vaccine

NHS Employers announce patients could receive flu vaccine at pharmacies from September.

Irregular sleep patterns linked to cancer

Study suggests poor sleeping patterns lead to cancer in tests on mice.

Head teachers worried about pupils' mental health

A survey suggests head teachers worry more about pupils' mental health than any other issue.

Findings of public perceptions of the NHS

The latest government survey sets out 12 key facts of public perceptions of the NHS and care.

Prescriptions to display how much contents cost taxpayers

New government plans will see prescription medication displaying how much their contents have cost.

Lung cancer in women reaches 20,000 a year

Cases of lung cancer in women in the UK has topped 20,000 a year.

Future health in the palm of your hand

Study suggests risk of heart attack may be hidden in the palm of the hand.

Memory problems linked to sleep apnoea

Study suggests sleep apnoea can cause memory problems.

Increased funding is not the answer for mental health

Lord Crisp, who is heading up a new inquiry into mental health, says funding and beds is not the answer for mental health services.

Ebola 15 minute test approved

The WHO approves the first rapid blood test for Ebola.

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