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Saturday 24th August 2019


The Telegraph

Amazon fires: Brazilian president sends army to tackle blaze after Emmanuel Macron moves to block EU-South America trade deal

BBC ‘not building on Women’s World Cup success by snubbing games with small crowds’

Endangered orchid brought back from the brink after habitat was killed off by rise of the car

As G7 leaders gather in Biarritz, the group is more divided than at any time in its 45 year history

Disney makes 'shelter mutt' a Hollywood star in new version of Lady and the Tramp

US school spends $48 million on curved corridors and hiding places to foil mass shooters

Exam appeals should be free because middle class pupils have unfair advantage, private school chief says

Police apologise after calling animal rights activists 'idiots'

Jair Bolsonaro blamed for turning a blind eye to degradation in the name of 'progress'

Police officers ordered not to dance with revellers at Notting Hill Carnival

US billionaire and conservative activist David Koch dies at age 79

Putin promises 'symmetrical response' to US missile test after end of nuclear treaty

Yellow taxis that help the visually impaired will be painted black, say council 

Health chiefs' hot weather alcohol advice 'patronising' and 'banal'

Smart motorways are putting lives at risk, former roads ministers says

Jeremy Kyle is to return to television with a new programme 

Scientists harvest eggs of last two surviving white rhino to pull species from brink of extinction

Frances new 'invincible' speed cameras no match for irate Gallic motorists

BA accuses its pilots of 'destroying' travel plans of its customers after rejecting pay offer of double average salary

India proposes ban on e-cigarettes and three-year jail term for repeat offenders

Pompeo says Huawei CEO is not a bargaining chip in Trump-China trade war

France opens rape investigation into Epstein abuse

Cathay Pacific cabin crew union leader fired as Hong Kongers warn of spread of 'white terror'

British man choked to death in 'row over noise' while holidaying with wife and child in Thailand

Two year waiting times for NHS gender identity clinics, amid unprecented demand 

Kremlin dismisses doctors' complaints they were exposed to radiation after blast

Schoolchildren to be taught how to avoid being injured by seagulls

Paralympic gold medalist shares tearful video of being left stranded on train after guard failed to turn up with ramp 

Shipwreck where 200 soldiers died on way home from First World War is recognised as war grave

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Police warn of 'predatory' driver after three women sexually assaulted in London minicab

Fire at block of Notting Hill flats in shadow of Grenfell Tower

UK weather: Met Office tells British public not to drink too much alcohol over Bank Holiday

Israeli teenager killed in bomb attack in West Bank

Metal detectorist finds £10,000 gold ring in garage 40 years after discarding it as worthless

Bavarian couple sue German government over reunification tax

Australian state scraps Chinese-funded Mandarin lessons amid fears over foreign influence

UN warns Yemenis could face food aid cuts after Saudi and UAE pledges fail to materialise

'Worthless' sculpture from BBC's Fake or Fortune proves to be authentic Giacometti worth more than £500,000

Sweden 'receives indications' Iran is ready to release British tanker

Cannabis oil too expensive to prescribe to epileptic children on NHS, advisory body finds

Silver Spitfire pilot log week two: flying through poor visibility into the arms of the US air force 

Caravan park evacuated after guest mistakes hand grenade found on beach for a fossil

UK weather: Record heatwave forecast for bank holiday weekend

Cycling campaigners demand access to public footpaths as ramblers voice opposition

Joanna Lumley and Judi Dench attack EU over failure to protect baby elephants

Black super new moon 2019: What is it and will we be able to see the lunar event in the UK?

Autumn Equinox 2019: The science behind the changing seasons

Pictures of the Day: 23 August 2019

Downing Street hits back at Channel 4 News after their boss labelled Boris Johnson a 'known liar'

Family of UK Hong Kong consulate worker reject 'made-up' report about arrest over prostitution

Mother arrested after child found dead in caravan in Birmingham

Prue Leith brought in to bring an end to 'inedible' NHS hospital food 

Miriam Margolyes accuses West End producers of 'overt appropriation' for not casting Jewish actors

Duke of York should 'answer questions,' father of alleged Epstein victim says

Number of migrants crossing the Channel reportedly surpassed 1,000 so far this year

Indian villagers dig trench around home of chief's suspected rapist son

Anti-fraud investigator claims he was sacked by scandal-hit council because he is white 

Man cleared over Grenfell effigy after evidence of 'second video' emerges 

Stephen Fry reveals he has lost over five stone in four months

Woman must tell her son who his biological father is after having an affair rules the High Court 

Vegan Australian parents who left baby girl severely malnourished avoid jail

Did you hear the one about the German city that doesn't exist?

French mayor on trial for banning pesticide use around village homes

French absinthe receives Brussels 'green' light for protected status 

Woman, 93, who had her house burgled by three men posing as police officers dies of 'broken heart syndrome'

BBC Today programme accused of making light of domestic violence over John Humphrys and David Davis jokes

Britain's strictest school's first GCSE results are four times better than national average

GCSE results day 2019: Top grades on the rise despite new tougher exams

Brown bear that is killing livestock and startling hikers in Italy's Dolomites is wanted, dead or alive 

Giraffes protected from being slaughtered for their body parts for first time

Coroner urges Home Secretary to review domestic abuse laws after man bludgeons wife to death

GCSE results day 2019: Girls are closing the gap on boys in Maths and Physics

Russian dancer disqualified from tango championships for punching partner

Record 84 per cent yearly increase in Amazon fires blamed on deforestation in Brazil

Director of Florence museum home to Michelangelo's David forced out in 'nativist' purge of heritage sector

Scientists apologise for accepting money from Jeffrey Epstein as academia engulfed by scandal

Man, 25, arrested over murder of Libby Squire released under investigation

Rolls-Royce involved in fatal crash with pedestrian, 66, in Westminster

Watch: How the Merkel eye-roll betrays her real feelings on her allies

'Only final victory over America can bring peace' - Taliban footsoldiers' warning on peace deal

South Korea to scrap military intelligence sharing pact with Japan as trade dispute worsens

Feeding the future: Fixing the world's faulty food system

Pompeo praises 'ally' Denmark and calls for more cooperation in Arctic after Trump row

Pictures of the Day: 22 August 2019

New Zealand's speaker feeds colleague's baby during debate

First Titanic expedition in 14 years reveals ship could be lost forever with key parts washed away 

Steam driver shortage on Britain's heritage railways as call goes out for 'new blood'

Two million Britons are taking seven different prescription drugs 

TV bosses must resist ditching 'pale, male and stale' presenters, says Channel 4 news chief

Ryanair strike will go ahead in UK over Bank Holiday weekend

British Army accused of 'leaning on' under-18s to plug recruitment gap

Man stabbed in Trafalgar Square as police hunt suspect

Two British holidaymakers die of Legionnaires' disease after staying at Bulgarian resort

Donald Trump announces push to detain migrant families indefinitely

NHS hospitals offer doctors cash in bid to tackle growing pensions crisis 

Plastic foam used by council to fill in cliff is putting seals and dolphins in danger, say environmental groups 

Denmark reacts with shock and anger as 'disrespectful' Trump cancels trip over Greenland sale row

Maduro suggests top officials have been holding 'secret talks' with the US with his direct permission  

MPs back Premier League star's call for social media firms to unmask racist trolls by verifying accounts

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