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Thursday 21st February 2019


BBC Health

Sepsis campaigner takes son's ashes to Buckingham Palace

Melissa Mead takes the ashes of her son William in a teddy bear to Buckingham Palace to collect an MBE.

Asthma: Young people in the UK 'more likely to die'

The UK lags behind other wealthy nations across a number of health indicators, a report finds.

Sepsis test could show results 'in minutes'

Researchers are developing a test they hope will one day help detect the condition in minutes.

Shark DNA could help cure cancer and age-related illnesses in humans

A new study maps the DNA of sharks and experts believe their genes could help cure human diseases.

Parents of sick babies need more leave, charity says

Parents of sick babies need more paternity and maternity leave, a neonatal charity says.

Short bursts of intense exercise 'better for weight loss'

Researchers suggest bursts of high intensity workouts, like sprinting, are more effective for weight loss.

Most hip and knee replacements 'last longer than thought'

This helps doctors who often struggle to answer questions from patients on how they will last.

Brain function of night owls and larks differ, study suggests

Late risers have poorer attention, slower reactions and increased sleepiness, a study suggests.

A&E waits at worst level for 15 years in England

Nearly 330,000 A&E patients waited for more than four hours last month in England.

'Know your cholesterol like you know your Pin code'

Going for a free health check could flag up early signs of cardiovascular disease, health bodies say.

Chemicals 'repair damaged neurons in mice'

Some early studies in mice suggest drugs can be developed to halt mental decline, say scientists.

Cannabis use in teens linked to depression

Experts link use of the drug in teenage years to cases of depression later in life.

Call the Midwife: BBC in abortion advice row

As Call the Midwife tackles the issue, BBC Action Line users say there is no advice on abortion.

Send patients email not letters, GPs told

Health Secretary Matt Hancock wants to see email used to communicate test results and prescriptions.

Having HPV 'isn't rude or shameful'

Most women have some form of the infection in their lifetime so shouldn't be embarrassed, experts say.

RAF Lakenheath: USAF nurses work in NHS hospitals

NHS bosses say it means patients are being seen "more quickly" and US medics gain wider experience.

Fear wrong metal plates used to fix fractures

Hospitals are told to review X-rays to check if patients have received the correct treatment for broken arms and legs.

Young people told - become a care worker

The government wants young people to work in the care sector as care workers and therapists.

Lyme disease can be diagnosed by 'bull's eye' rash alone

The rash is diagnostic and means the patient needs urgent antibiotics, new guidelines tell doctors.

Essex baby's spine 'repaired' in the womb

Bethan Simpson's daughter Eloise had a "foetal repair" carried out at 24 weeks after a spina bifida diagnosis.

West Bromwich family's 'nightmare' over £200k medical bill

Mother-of-three Maxine Howell has been in an induced coma for a fortnight after falling ill in Mexico.

'Dr Evil': Wolverhampton modification artist admits GBH

Brendan McCarthy ran a body modification emporium in Wolverhampton before his arrest.

Southmead Hospital cervical cancer inquiry 'too small'

The family of a nurse who died after a hospital failed to spot her condition fear more are affected.

Breast cancer: Scan younger women at risk, charity says

Research suggests screening for 35 to 39-year-olds with a family history can reveal the disease early.

Teen kickboxer Scott Marsden's death 'tragic fluke'

Scott Marsden, 14 from Sheffield, died when a blow to his chest caused cardiac arrest.

Smoking in pregnancy: Stigma 'causes women to do it in private'

Expectant mothers are smoking in private because of judgement from doing so in public, a study claims.

Is young people's mental health getting worse?

Social media and school pressures are often blamed for a rise in young people saying they need help.

Teen has vaccinations after asking Reddit

Ethan Lindenberger took to the website to ask whether he could get vaccines without his parents .

Partner of man who killed himself calls for mental health review

Luke Henderson's partner claims he asked for medical help eight times in the week leading up to his death.

The toxic legacy of the Vietnam War

How millions suffered from exposure to toxic chemicals sprayed by US forces during the Vietnam war

Encephalitis: 'I told my boyfriend I thought I was a monkey'

Lucy Evans had encephalitis, an inflammation of the brain that caused her frightening delusions.

Nephew, 5, inspires hairdresser's Spargoland 'sensory' salon

A hairdresser says his five-year-old nephew, who has cerebral palsy, inspired his specialist salon.

Meet the women helping fill Russia's rural healthcare gap

After the closure of thousands of clinics in rural Russia, one region has taken matters into its own hands.

Anorexia recovery: 'I know the darkest of the darkest'

Lara Rebecca, 18, says she knows the "darkest of the darkest" after recovering from her eating disorder.

What is it like to suffer a stroke at 25?

Emily Cane's dance career was cut short and now she has communication difficulties.

Super gonorrhoea: Why your STI could become untreatable

The challenges facing health workers in the fight against the STI.

Vitiligo: Skin condition brought Kenyan friends closer together

Kenyan friends Julie Asuju and Wangui Njee talk about their experiences of living with Vitiligo.

Women cold water swimming in Gower to help menopause

Alison Owen started cold water swimming around the Gower Peninsula after she left her teaching job.

Beer before wine? It makes no difference to a hangover

A study finds the order in which you have alcoholic drinks makes no difference to your hangover.

The breakthroughs that could save our lives

From reversing blindness and paralysis to new treatments for cancer and infertility.

Brexit: Will Britons living in the EU still get healthcare?

A reader asks about state healthcare for UK nationals in EU countries.

Medicinal cannabis: Why has it taken so long to get to patients?

Medicinal cannabis was legalised in November 2018.

Mouldy jam: Should you eat what's beneath?

Theresa May is said to eat jam after scraping mould off the surface. Is that safe?

Would you be happy to see your doctor online?

Video consultations are saving doctors time and money, but are they good for patients, too?

Catherine Wreford: The dancer with an 'invisible disease'

Catherine Wreford, 39, has a malignant brain tumour - but that isn't stopping her from performing.

How will Brits in Spain cope with no-deal Brexit?

British pensioners in Europe worry about healthcare costs in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

'I nearly aborted my baby because of an unreliable test'

When Claire Bell became pregnant she received what appeared to be terrible news. But then she started investigating.

'How a smartphone saved my mother's life'

The smartphone is becoming a powerful medical tool that can diagnose a growing number of conditions.

Discrimination: ‘I can’t take your guide dog, I’ve got an allergy’

BBC journalist Damon Rose went to court after a taxi driver broke the law and refused to take him and his guide dog.

More veg, fewer burgers - can a family learn to like the planetary health diet?

One family tell how they adapted to switching their sausages and burgers to tofu and beans.

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