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Sunday 25th August 2019


Pharmacists to give flu vaccine

22nd July 2015

NHS Employers announce patients could receive flu vaccine at pharmacies from September.

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Monkeys get Ebola immunity from vaccine

8th September 2014

Scientists say vaccinated monkeys have developed an immunity to Ebola which could lead to human trials.

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Researchers develop pressure sensors for amputees

15th April 2014

Pressure sensors could prevent dangerous sores for amputees who suffer rubbing against their artificial limbs.

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New treatment for hepatitis C

Test for teen depression

Potential peanut allergy treatment 'successful'

Cocaine users struggle with empathy

Finnamore bought by GE Healthcare


Obesity 'tsunami' threatens world health

11th February 2011

The number of obese people globally has nearly doubled in the past three decades.

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Innovative ideas needed for better NHS

4th January 2011

New ideas to help tackle some of the most challenging issues in healthcare are being called for.

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Mental health tool showcased at British Science Festival

30th September 2010

New GRiST software shown at the British Science Festival in Birmingham.

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On the web

Finnamore bought by GE Healthcare

8th January 2014

GE Healthcare is one of the world's largest health technology companies.

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Pig worms to treat autoimmune diseases

4th September 2012

Coronado Biosciences Inc are developing a new class of treatments for autoimmune conditions.

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FDA approves weight-loss drug

23rd July 2012

The US drug agency has given the go-ahead for a second drug for the treatment of obesity.

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Comment and Opinion

Will we ever have an AIDS vaccine?

6th May 2011

Almost 30 years after the virus was identified we can manage it, but a full-blown vaccine seems a long way off.

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NHS Direct's future

7th October 2010

The chair and chief executive speaks out about the future of NHS Direct.

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Celebrity Healthcare

Dozens treated after fire-walking event

A Tony Robbins seminar ends in injury as thousands walk across hot coals in a quest for self-improvement.

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Big pharma drugs 'linked to celeb deaths'

Jennifer Saunders beats breast cancer

TV chef tackles hospital food

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