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Monday 23rd September 2019

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15th January 2014

NHS reforms under the microscope

TV’s Doctor Phil Hammond believes 'Integration is the key to improving NHS services for patients'.

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10th April 2013

UNDP scales up focus on human rights and coordination in AIDS, TB and Malaria responses

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria recently launched a New Funding Model.

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9th April 2013

Public health goals should reflect state, individual responsibilities

On World Health Day, we are reminded of the complexities of the health environments in which we live and work.

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20th February 2013

Letter to a new parent

The best baby gift? A collection of child-rearing wisdom from a group of battle-tested veterans.

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7th December 2012

Panorama finds patient safety concerns

On 3 December Panorama looked at NHS hospital services and the pressure they are under with increasing demand.

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12th October 2012

Complaints about private dental treatment up by 17%

Complaints about private dental treatment are up by 17% according to the body set up to resolve them. (For the year May 2011 to April 2012.

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5th July 2012

The health spending map of the world

How does each country compare in the health spending stakes?

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25th May 2012

Break state monopoly over mental health counselling, urges major new report

NHS reliance on narrow range of therapies is a 'disgrace' that fails nearly 90% of patients.

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13th April 2012

Over half of Brits not getting enough sleep

Survey reveals over half of Brits say they struggle to get a good night's sleep.

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13th January 2012

The sound of silence

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6th January 2012

The Quarter: How is the NHS doing?

The Quarter is an update on progress within the NHS.

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2nd December 2011

Health in 25 years…

Predictions on how the world will change in the next 25 years.

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2nd November 2011

The provision of memory services in England

Key findings from a report to find out how well the provision of memory services by PCTs is working.

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31st October 2011

Can you get cancer from oral sex?

HPV infections can be contracted during oral sex.

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20th September 2011

Measles jab link to child death, illnesses

Parents from across China are calling for compensation after their children fell ill, with at least one death reported.

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15th September 2011

What's your favourite scent?

A new survey found that a good fragrance makes eight out of 10 people happier.

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15th September 2011

Travel health advice from Dr George Kassianos

New research has revealed that we need to become savvier when it comes to thinking about our holiday health.

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2nd September 2011

Labour camp for vaccine dad

A Chinese court upholds the sentence of a man who said his son was sickened by a tainted vaccine.

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2nd September 2011

‘Unhygienic’ conditions prompt faintings

Authorities say mismanagement is to blame for a mass fainting at a Cambodian garment factory.

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19th August 2011

NHS not ready for personalised medicine

Genetic medicine is ‘a technology of today' so why are we not receiving its benefits?

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1st August 2011

NHS has worst data security

Security breaches take place across all industries and can lead to fraud.

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15th June 2011

Lead-poisoned children denied care

Chinese officials interfere with children's access to care and return them to contaminated environments, a rights group says.

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6th June 2011

NHS Innovation Challenge Prizes

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2nd May 2011

HIV-infected man appeals job ruling

The man was turned down by a local government when he applied to become a teacher.

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14th March 2011

Introduction to the National Dementia Strategy

The National Dementia Strategy set out a vision for transforming dementia services.

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11th February 2011

Obesity 'tsunami' threatens world health

The number of obese people globally has nearly doubled in the past three decades.

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4th January 2011

Innovative ideas needed for better NHS

New ideas to help tackle some of the most challenging issues in healthcare are being called for.

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9th December 2010

Paul Burstow: Improving access to psychological therapies

Liberal Democrat Care Minister Paul Burstow has announced Government plans to extend its mental health services.

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8th December 2010

Andrew Lansley: 'A shared ambition to improve outcomes'

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7th December 2010

DH Consultations - we want your views

The Department of Health has launched a new consultation tool that allows you to read and respond to consultations online.

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3rd October 2010

Virus bars Chinese from jobs

Chinese employers defy a government ban on hepatitis B testing during recruitment.

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30th September 2010

Mental health tool showcased at British Science Festival

New GRiST software shown at the British Science Festival in Birmingham.

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23rd September 2010

Guide to Age Related Vision Impairment

Age-related macular degeneration is the most common cause of blindness and affects around half a million people in the UK.

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29th March 2010

No Country of Our Own

A doctor on the front lines of Burma's refugee crisis comments on its appalling health consequences.

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19th March 2010

China's health ministry probes report on faulty vaccines

China's health ministry is probing a domestic newspaper report that faulty vaccines in northern Shanxi province were responsible for killing four children and making dozens of others sick.

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3rd January 2010

Clashes over tainted drug claim

A Chinese company is accused of spreading HIV/AIDS.

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9th December 2009

Asia's growing AIDS risk

Specific groups still face a huge risk of HIV infection as global infection rates slow.

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4th December 2009

NHS can care for climate too

But stronger leadership needed to meet targets, report claims.

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30th November 2009

Two executed in baby milk scandal

Authorities in the northern city of Shijiazhuang execute two people for contaminating baby milk formula with melamine.

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7th September 2009

Caution: coloured medication and the colour blind

Colour is a good way to differentiate tablets and their containers because it enables more immediate recognition than words on labels.

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25th August 2009

Lead poisoning in central China

A second wave of lead poisoning cases creates an outcry near a smelting plant in Hunan.

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25th August 2009

Child workers in Malawi

Images and text reporting on the child workers in Malawi who suffer from nicotine poisoning from long hours picking tobacco.

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14th August 2009

Burma's blood money

Residents of Mandalay say hospitals routinely charge patients for donated blood.

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12th August 2009

Chinese children 'lead poisoned'

Villagers in rural China take factories to task after their children get lead poisoning.

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28th July 2009

The view from the WHO on swine flu

Margaret Chan, the WHO director-general, says swine flu 'has got to be the biggest pandemic ever in terms of the number of countries and people affected'.

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28th July 2009

Detentions follow medical protest

Chinese authorities detain five after a protest over a blood-test scam in Sichuan.

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22nd July 2009

Pregnancy and swine flu, questions answered

Flu expert, Dr Maureen Baker, answers questions about pregnancy and the complications of swine flu.

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21st July 2009

'Cancer villages' battle pollution

Environmental activists are trying to clean up the Huai river amid high cancer rates.

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3rd June 2009

Doctors probed after woman dies

Poor women die in childbirth every day in Cambodia, but who's to blame?

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22nd May 2009

Travel health

Doctor's diary provides essential travel advice for holidays.

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14th April 2009

Hand, foot and mouth in China

A top health official warns the epidemic may not be over yet.

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3rd April 2009

Vietnam pollution threatens health

Experts call for tougher controls on factories and mandatory cleaner fuels.

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3rd April 2009

Lead, arsenic in Burmese medicine

US health officials have found lead and arsenic in traditional Burmese medications used by refugee families.

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19th March 2009

New Hope Orphanage

The children's lives at New Hope Orphanage have changed because of the financial and economic crisis.

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13th March 2009

A doctor's diary - calling in sick

This video diary is a weekly insight into the local and national issues affecting a busy GP practice.

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12th March 2009

The risk-o-meter

Michael Blastland introduces the Risk-o-meter to his regular column.

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3rd March 2009

Lung cancer, what is it?

Lung cancer is called primary if the cancer originates in the lungs and secondary if it originates elsewhere in the body.

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22nd January 2009

West African girls to get major boost

Adolescent girls in the West African nation of Liberia are about to get a major boost.

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13th January 2009

Female suicides 'linked to status'

Heavy social pressures prompt an estimated two million Chinese women to attempt suicide annually.

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1st January 2009

A doctor's diary

Health is constantly in the news, but what do doctors actually think?

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22nd December 2008

Farmers in dark over bird flu

Officials report an outbreak of the deadly H5N1 virus among poultry flocks.

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9th December 2008

China’s HIV response sharply criticised

Human Rights Watch says police are driving drug users away from treatment needed.

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1st December 2008

China AIDS patients' call for justice

China's leaders shake hands with AIDS patients but activists point to injustices.

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24th November 2008

Working smarter, not harder

A new way to deliver diagnostic endoscopy services in the community.

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14th November 2008

North Koreans missing more work

Labourers from North Korea are eating less and missing more work.

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31st October 2008

Chinese migrants pose unique health challenges

China’s 140 million migrants are generally in better health than the rest of the population.

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29th September 2008

Hull pioneers switch to telehealth

Pioneering switch to telehealth in Hull.

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8th September 2008

Aid through art in China

A US-based foundation wants to help survivors of the Sichuan earthquake through art.

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1st September 2008

WHO cites grand inequalities

The WHO reports that inequalities within countries are "killing people on a grand scale".

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29th July 2008

Birthday Celebrations

Where to find the best coverage of the NHS at 60.

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21st July 2008

What is dementia?

Dementia is the progressive loss of mental abilities due to damage or disease in the brain.

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30th June 2008

AIDS activist's dream 'died'

An AIDS activist in China's Muslim region of Xinjiang says officials destroyed his group.

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2nd June 2008

Live longer in South West

New information published by ONS shows people in the South West of England live the longest.

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12th May 2008

How does NICE approve drugs?

The Times conducts a Q&A about how NICE approve and assess medication for use by the NHS.

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24th April 2008

Technology role in modern health care

New technology is transforming the way a modern health service operates.

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14th April 2008

Driven to smoke?

What makes people smoke and why can banning public smoking make the problem worse?

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3rd April 2008

China's tough birth policy will stay

Widespread abuses, including late-term forced abortions, continue to be reported.

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4th March 2008

Controversy over anti depressant pills

New research reaches conflicting conclusions over the effectiveness of antidepressants.

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4th March 2008

Warning signs of Parkinson's

Early symptoms of Parkinson's disease can include daytime fatigue and depression.

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23rd February 2008

New approach to type 2 diabetes

Drug treatments for type 2 diabetes are not wrong but neither are they the only answer.

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18th February 2008

New cures from Chinese medicines?

British scientists are hoping to find new remedies from traditional Chinese medicines.

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12th February 2008

4.7m choose private dentists

The Telegraph reports on the dental "crisis" as survey says millions opt for private dentistry.

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7th February 2008

Eat your way to productivity

Study shows better-fed young children become more productive adults.

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3rd February 2008

Are vitamins safe?

Many people take vitamin tablets every day - but could they actually be harmful?

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29th January 2008

Toxic spill in China's Hunan

Thousands seek medical attention for poisoning after a factory pollutes the water supply.

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16th January 2008

Spain's organ donor success

Spain's organ donation rates are triple those in the UK, due to transplant co-ordinators.

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11th January 2008

NHS reforms: the full speech

Prime Minister Gordon Brown on reforms for the National Health Service.

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28th November 2007

The USA's six killer illnesses

The New York Times examines the six primary causes of death and illness in the United States.

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21st November 2007

Is it the end for NHS homeopathy?

Following pressure from doctors and scientists, the government is reducing NHS homeopathy services.

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24th October 2007

How does Austrian healthcare work?

We find out why Austria's public health system is consistently rated in the top 10 of EU countries.

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19th October 2007

The therapeutic value of art

A growing number of healthcare units are realising the therapeutic value of art.

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17th October 2007

Stephen Fry on HIV

Stephen Fry explores the world of HIV and AIDS in a compelling BBC documentary.

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6th October 2007

Microsoft unveils Health Vault

Software giant Microsoft has launched a secure and private internet website for health records.

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26th September 2007

Superbug outbreaks

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23rd September 2007

New fight to beat cancer

Immune cells from the best "cancer-fighters" may be given to other cancer patients.

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6th August 2007

Burmese healthcare: a gaping hole

The military regime spends less than US$1 a head annually on health.

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5th August 2007

Aid for North Korean children

South Korea votes funding aimed at tackling child malnutrition.

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21st July 2007

PFI under review

The government is scaling back its programme of PFI hospital developments.

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26th June 2007

Stroke services for improvement

The Department of Health is reviewing stroke services

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25th June 2007

No shortage of drug test volunteers

Volunteers keen to enlist for drug trials despite six suffering organ failure in a test last year.

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