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Sunday 22nd October 2017

Top 25 Most Read

Social media has impact on young people's mental health

Social media distorting children's grasp on reality.

Safety concerns over regulation for advanced nurses

The HSJ has been told the lack of regulation of advanced nursing is a major concern.

Trusts with most E coli infections are revealed

Official data reveals E coli infections are associated with 5,000 patient deaths and cost the NHS more than £50m a year.

Transgender research blocked at Bath Spa University

Therapist is astonished by university's decision to stop him studying people who decide to reverse gender reassignment operations.

Data on how much NHS trusts have made from land sales

According to data, the NHS generated £220m in 2016/17 in land sales or physical assets.

Teaching trust applies for distress funding

Teaching trust, on the verge of special measures, predicts it will run out of cash next month.

Outcry from senior consultants over record system

Consultants condemn digital patient record system as 'unsafe'.

Vulnerable people missing out on council tax discount

Thousands of 'mentally impaired' people could be missing out on council tax discount because councils are slow to offer information on the scheme.

Patients waiting a year for treatment doubles

NHS data shows patients waiting more than a year for treatment has more than doubled year on year.

Simple mistakes could be early signs of dementia

Research suggests people who make simple mistakes at home could be showing early signs of dementia.

How to cure high blood pressure naturally

Experts say you can lower your blood pressure by adding a supplement to your diet made from pine bark.

Rise in HIV cases in over-50s

According to a new study there is an increasing number of older people being diagnosed with HIV across Europe.

Blocked trust merger could complete in a year

Two foundation trusts could complete previously blocked merger within a year.

Chemical surgery performed on embryos in world first

Chinese researchers say chemical surgery has been performed on human embryos to remove disease.

What causes heart failure?

Research suggests heart failure could be triggered by cold weather.

Poisoning risk from bags for life

Consumer watchdog warns bags for life pose a food poisoning risk if they are used to carry raw foods.

More salt in pesto sauces than a McDonald's burger

A campaign group has found salt content in some pesto sauces has increased.

Blood tests for heart attacks

UK researchers say a blood test could rule our a heart attack in under 20 minutes and should be used routinely.

GPs contacting patients using texts

Nearly 4 in 10 GPs use texts to contact their patients, but are concerned over confidentiality.

Measles 'eliminated' in the UK

The World Health Organisation says the elimination of measles in the UK has been achieved.

Maximum caps on agency rates

NHS Improvement to agree maximum agency pay cap for doctors.

What are children allowed to eat at school?

As schools ban 'unhealthy' foods, what can your child eat at school?

Mental health problems on the rise

Statistics show, at any one time, a sixth of the population in England aged 16 to 64 have a mental health problem.

NHS not fit for 21st Century

Chief inspector of hospitals in England says the NHS is not fit the 21st Century and the growing population.

Patients needed to test 'universal' flu jab

About 500 NHS patients needed to try out a new universal vaccine against seasonal flu.

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