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Sunday 25th June 2017

Top 25 Most Read

Information to support people affected by terror attack

NHS staff working with people across Greater Manchester after the terror attack to support those affected.

Fitness trackers not good at measuring burned calories

Study suggests fitness trackers are poor at measuring the calories you have burned.

U-turn over tax rules for agency staff

New guidance issued over new tax rules for agency staff.

Hospital rebuild depends on private patient income

Business case for a proposed hospital rebuild depends on more private work being carried out.

Regulators to be challenged on patient safety

The Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch to focus on challenging system regulators over potential safety gaps.

An egg a day helps young children grow

Study suggests an egg a day might help undernourished children grow to a healthy height.

Ex-pat pensioners may cost NHS millions

Think tank warns pensioners may return to the UK to use the NHS after Brexit.

Public sector staff more anxious

Research suggests public sector employees feel more anxious at work.

Smoking harms liver of unborn babies

New stem cell study shows impact of cigarette damage to unborn babies.

Poor sleep associated with phone use

Researchers say teenagers’ late-night mobile phone use is harming their sleep and potentially their mental health.

US scientists re-engineer vital antibiotic

US scientists' new version of antibiotic is designed to be ultra-tough and could wipe out one of the world's most threatening superbugs.

75% of pregnant women don't have a healthy weight gain

Global study finds 75% of of women are not gaining a healthy weight when pregnant.

Nursing workforce shortage

HSJ analysis shows number of nurses from EU countries leaving NHS increased by 38% last year.

Washing hands in cold water just as effective as using hot

Research has found washing hands with cold or hot water is just as effective.

Long surgery waits have tripled in four years

The Royal College of Surgeons say patients waiting six months or more for surgery has tripled in four years in England.

Ovarian cancer drug shows promise

New targeted treatment for ovarian cancer has shown very promising results.

Depressed elderly being failed by the NHS

Experts warn elderly patients with mental health problems are facing discrimination by the NHS.

Human skin could soon be regenerated

Scientists claim to have successfully produced skin and stimulated hair growth in pigs with burns.

Mental health trust prosecuted

Oxleas Foundation Trust is being prosecuted after an inpatient stabbed two members of staff.

Marriage is good for your health

Researchers say being married boosts your survival chances if you have a major heart risk factor.

Winners and losers from national fund

Analysis shows how the £1.8bn 'sustainability' fund was distributed.

Mindfulness for expectant mothers

Mindfulness could help expectant mothers with their anxiety about giving birth.

Quality of inpatient experience falling

Study finds patients' experiences staying in hospitals have shown some lapses.

Measles outbreak in Newport

A measles outbreak has been declared at Lliswerry High School, Newport.

Brisk walk everyday could cut cancer risk

Research suggests brisk walking may cut the risk of dying from cancer.

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