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Sunday 20th May 2018

Autism still on the rise

8th January 2008

The incidence of autism among children is continuing to rise in the United States, in spite of the removal of a substance thought to be linked with the disorder from almost all child vaccines.


The latest figures from the California Department of Public Health show no decline in the number of children being referred to the state's deparment of developmental services system, a network of regional centres offering services to those with autism, mental retardation and developmental disabilities.

The substance, thimerosal, which contains a form of mercury, was thought to have been linked to a rise in childhood autism, and was consequently removed, except for trace amounts, from all recommended infant vaccines.

By March 2001, only some multiple vial influenza vaccines still contained it.

The most recent data come from March 2007, showed autism rates continuing to rise, despite an apparent dip in the wake of the introduction of a thimerosal-free Hib vaccine in 2004.

But in the years since then, the rates have continued to climb steadily.

Experts say environmental factors are most likely to blame, rather than childhood vaccinations.

But campaigners against thimerosal in vaccines say environmental factors might be present among many factors contributing to the rise. One of those factors might still be thimerosal.

They also point out the conclusion that vaccines are not to blame is drawn from data limited to 3-5 year-olds, and the linkage might take longer to show itself.

But Gary W. Goldstein, MD, president and CEO of Baltimore's Kennedy Krieger Institute, said the role of thimerosal could not be a large one.

He said the substance could no longer be taken seriously as the primary cause of childhood autism.

The new study is published in the January issue of the Archives of General Psychiatry.


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miriam jang

Tuesday 8th January 2008 @ 18:43

As the mom of an Autistic son and a MD who treats Autistic kids, I have been very interested in the Thimersol-Autism link. From my work with my patients, I believe that Thimersol is only part of the story. Studies show that Autistic individuals have defective genetic difficulties in detoxifying both heavy metals and toxic chemicals. The recent University of Toronto study shows multiple defective genomic sites. www.news.utoronto.ca/bin6/070219-2954.asp.Heavy metals do act synergistically; so if you have some Mercury from flu shots, lots of lead from everywhere, some arsenic from treated woods, some cadmium from gas fumes and there you have it. On top of that, you have a heavy load of toxic chemicals for these Autistic individuals to detoxify. www.ems.orgSo even though Thimersol has been removed from most vaccines in CA and Autism rates stayed, this does not mean that Thimersol is completely innocent in the rise of Autism. Miriam Jang MD



Thursday 10th January 2008 @ 13:19

Surely this would indicate that Thimersol IN VACCINES is not a major factor?

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Title: Autism still on the rise
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