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Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Cannabis linked to mental illness

17th October 2006

08092006_cannabis1.jpgThe majority of new mental patients are heavy cannabis users, a new report suggests.

The report found that eight out of ten people who suffer the onset of serious mental illness are heavy cannabis users and that the majority of those undergoing a first episode of psychiatric disorder, schizophrenia or similar mental breakdowns are habitual users of the drug. 

The report was prepared for the Conservative Party’s social justice policy review and shows damning evidence of a connection between cannabis and schizophrenia. It lists 400 different scientific studies that point to links between the use of cannabis, illness and destructive behaviour. The research comes amid growing criticism of the Government's decision to downgrade cannabis from Class B to Class C drug in 2004 and will add pressure on David Cameron and his party to pledge a reclassification of the drug.

One of the experts who contributed to the report is Professor Peter Jones of Cambridge University, who is quoted as saying, “Cannabis is a huge issue for psychiatric services at the moment. I work in a first-contact schizophrenia service and it might as well be a cannabis dependency unit.?  Professor Jones also estimated that children who start smoking cannabis at the ages of 10 or 11 may treble their risk of developing schizophrenia.

The report said that 1.75 million people are thought to use cannabis in Britain each month, making it Britain’s third most popular drug after alcohol and tobacco.  The study also identified other ways in which cannabis is harming the nation’s health including damage to the cardiovascular and immune systems, cancer, depression and impaired educational performance. 


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Eric Johnson

Tuesday 17th October 2006 @ 14:52

I realize that this may be shock to some, but there seem to be no causal factors reported here only alleged links. And these have not been pointed out.

It may seem pedestrian here, but did anyone involved with this report & its coverage in the press think that maybe the mental illness might have preceded the cannabis use? Obviously not, as there is a gauntlet which has been thrown down in the past year by the UK and Australian press regarding cannabis, which have both been printing the most one-sided, biased, unscientific reports and idiotic, puerile, superficial editorial calls for "crackdowns," suggesting cannabis and catastrophe are inexorably linked....

But no -causal- factors are included, just as in this article. It does not seem that claims of cannabis's alleged virulence are worthwhile to confirm as fact in the press, as much parroting of innuendo and half-truth characterise most cannabis reporting, including this article.

This is just a political hit piece designed to criticize the government for downgrading cannabis, and to villify cannabis as well, to a "non-arrestable offense," which does not mean it has been legalised in the UK.

This downgrading, according to articles in the UK press this weekend, has led to 600,000 fewer cannabis users in the UK. Did this article mention or note this? No.

This article is a good example of why the best two word answer to the cannabis predicament the world and recently the UK in particular finds itself with respect to cannabis is, "bad Journalism."

One can add to that printing of politically motivated junk science reports which are suggestive of links to hell and beyond, but which never seem to close the sale by including actual data showing a cause and effect relationship between alleged, "heavy," cannabis use and various un-named psychiatric illnesses.

If such a cause-and-effect, smoking-gun relationship were to be established, it would not have to wait for this kind of report to this kind of committee, and it would not be hidden in exclusive, esoteric webzines as hc2d.co.uk.

Such evidence would be siezed upon by law enforcement world wide, including the UN, various NGOs and governments like that of the USA France and Sweden. These groups would use it as a trumpet sound, heralding the end of cannabis on Earth and in Heaven.

This report and article are simply a repeat of the miserable set of rotten lies which circulated during the 1970s that have kept cannabis prohibition in place, protecting the livelihoods of those who work in the prohibition industry, and those who write about it.

Eric Johnson


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Article Information

Title: Cannabis linked to mental illness
Author: Sue Knights
Article Id: 928
Date Added: 17th Oct 2006


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