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Friday 24th November 2017

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24th Nov 2017

Prevention of inpatient falls has improved

The prevention of inpatient falls has improved in hospitals across England and Wales, but more must be done.


Hospital begging patients for donations

MP accuses hospitals of using a 'begging bowl' for medical equipment fund donations.

BBC News

Potential cancer breakthrough

British scientists are developing an immune therapy based on blood cells for patient who have recovered from cancer.

Daily Express

Consultant contract delayed

New contract for senior doctors in England will be delayed until 2019 due to lack of Treasury funding.

Health Service Journal

Order by date

23rd Nov 2017

Gluten foods could trigger rheumatoid arthritis

Joint pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis could be eased by cutting out gluten from your diet.

Daily Express

Health benefits from three cups of coffee a day

Research suggests moderate coffee drinking is safe and can have some health benefits.

BBC News

Extra money for NHS not enough

Health bosses say the extra money announced by the chancellor for the NHS in England is not enough.

BBC News

22nd Nov 2017

GPs asked to do home visits in the mornings

NHS bosses are encouraging GPs to try and do home visits in the morning to help prevent surges of demand on ambulances later on in the day.


Add eggs to your diet to reduce risk of cancer

Research suggests risk of cancer, diabetes and heart disease could be reduced by adding eggs to your diet.

Daily Express

Major shake-up of stroke services planned

Kent and Medway hoping to become first area to offer thrombectomy outside a neuroscience centre as part of a wider shake-up of stroke services.

Health Service Journal

Different alcohol determines your mood

Researchers say different alcoholic drinks change and shape your mood in different ways.

BBC News

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