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Tuesday 21st October 2014

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21st Oct 2014

Are you SAD this winter?

Scientists say brain scans show cause of seasonal affective disorder.

BBC News

The risks of living with a smoker

Study suggests living with a smoker is as bad as living in a polluted city.

BBC News

Breast cancer care app launched by Philips

Interactive app developed to help people check for symptoms of breast cancer.

e-Health Insider

Nurses frustrated with EHRs

A new survey shows nurses are not happy with electronic health records with vast majorities complaining of workflows and bad communication.

Healthcare IT

Clustering in mental health warning

College president says he has 'great concerns' about moves towards a cluster regime in mental health.

Health Service Journal

Infant and parental mental health should be prioritised

A major report highlights how crucial it is to prioritise in perinatal mental health.

Mental Health Foundation

Transplant helps paralysed man walk

Cells used from paralysed Bulgarian man's nose help him walk again with frame.

Reuters News

Private ambulance spending risen 82%

NHS spending on private ambulances has almost doubled in two years.

The Independent

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20th Oct 2014

Sport to improve lives of people with mental health problems


Sport scheme to help people with mental health problems launched.

Pharmacies could help NHS save £1bn a year

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society claims treating common ailments at community pharmacies could save the NHS £1bn.

BBC News

Scans cancelled across Wales

Nine hospitals affected by radiographer strike.

BBC News

Contract negotiations between BMA and NHS Employers collapse

Medical contract negotiations suddenly collapsed last night between British Medical Association and NHS Employers.

Health Service Journal

Too much coffee can reduce a man's fertility

A study finds too much coffee can reduce a man's ability to father children.

The Telegraph

17th Oct 2014

Ebola vaccine will come too late

Experts say the Ebola vaccine will be too late for the current epidemic.

BBC News

Inspectors say hospital safety is shocking

Inspectors from the CQC say hospital standards in England are shocking after results of 82 hospitals inspected under a new, tougher regime.

BBC News

Docman gets full approval

PCTI's Docman software is approved as GP Systems of Choice service.

e-Health Insider

Leeds sign contract with CSC

Leeds have signed a £1.8m contract with CSC for its electronic prescribing and medicines administration system.

e-Health Insider

Health office monitored for Ebola

A Texas health official is being monitored for any signs of Ebola.

Modern Healthcare

Charity wants sale of laxatives regulated

Beat, the eating disorder charity, has called for the sale of laxatives to be more strictly regulated.


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