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Friday 19th December 2014

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19th Dec 2014

Painkillers could help protect against skin cancer

Research suggests regularly taking painkillers could help protect against some skin cancers.

BBC News

Scientists pinpoint brain's internal compass

Scientists have pinpointed the precise part of the brain that gives people their sense of direction.

BBC News

Brain injury pilot study ion Glasgow

Scottish health board has received funding to pilot study using modelling.

e-Health Insider

Emergency care demand for elderly to rise

Study suggests emergency care for elderly is likely to keep rising during the next five years.

Health Service Journal

Improving mental health services for young people

Review into mental health services for young people and what they think.

Mental Elf

Dementia is third greatest killer in the UK

Research finds dementia is the third greatest killer in the UK and people need more support.

Mental Health Foundation

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18th Dec 2014

Smoke ban in cars from October

New laws will see a smoke ban in cars carrying children in England.

BBC News

Cancer errors down to incompetence

Investigators have found inaccuracies in cancer waiting time errors were down to managerial incompetence and not bullying.

BBC News

Pharmacists in A&E to be trialled

NHS England to pilot employing pharmacists in an emergency department.

Health Service Journal

Doctors quit in Nottingham

NHS hospital forced to scrap services after senior doctors quit rather than work for private firm.

The Independent

Drunk tank unveiled by police

Mobile unit has been unveiled by the police to treat drunks over the festive period.

The Telegraph

NHS staff sickness figures released

Latest figures show a rise in NHS staff sickness absence.

NHS Employers

17th Dec 2014

New mums and mums-to-be to get extra mental health support

NHS guidelines say women at risk of mental health should received extra support.

BBC News
The Guardian

Fat can be breathed out of body

Scientists say fat can be breathed out as you lose weight.

BBC News

Graphnet used for drug trial

Salford uses Graphnet for drug trial which is collecting data from more than 4,000 patients.

e-Health Insider

Medical records swiped in Sony hack

Medical data and social security numbers have been exposed in Sony breach.

Healthcare IT

Staff shortage fuels overseas recruitment

HSJ investigation reveals shortage of nurses has driven hospitals to recruit overseas.

Health Service Journal
The Telegraph

Government to invest in back to work pilots

Funding to be made available for pilots which aim to help people with mental health conditions to return to work.


Smarter cancer treatment developed using 3D printing

British scientists develop new use for 3D printing.

Reuters News

London ambulances overwhelmed

Spike in demand for ambulances sees call for help from London paramedics.

The Independent

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