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Monday 18th December 2017

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18th Dec 2017

Parkinson's breakthrough

Joy Milne has ability to detect Parkinson's through smell.

BBC News

National bowel screening improves

Latest audit shows national bowel screening continues to improve.


Time to Change poll finds mental health still taboo in the workplace

Poll, conducted by Time to Change, of 2,025 UK workers, found they would rather talk to colleagues about money worries than a mental health issue.

BBC News

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15th Dec 2017

Exercises if you have arthritis

Expert says low-impact moves are ideal for somebody with arthritis or recently injured.

Daily Express

Hole in CCGs' finances

Bed closures have been abandoned leaving a hole in CCGs' budgets this financial year.

Health Service Journal

Children given alcohol too young

Researchers warn parents are introducing alcohol to children at too young an age.

BBC News

14th Dec 2017

Eggs for breakfast can cure a hangover

Expert says eating eggs for breakfast can help tackle hangover at its source.

Daily Express

Gene therapy for haemophilia A

Mind-blowing results achieved in an attempt to rid people of haemophilia A, say British doctors.

BBC News

Avoidable death data to be revealed by NHS England

Data to be published on deaths the NHS in England believe could have been prevented.

BBC News

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