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Wednesday 17th July 2019

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7th Mar 2018

Newcastle Hospitals appoints new chief executive

Dame Jackie Daniel has been appointed as chief executive of Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals Foundation Trust.

Health Service Journal

Backlog of 'on hold' patients checked at trust

Exemplar trust is reviewing 85,000 patients records after they were mistakenly left 'on hold'.

Health Service Journal

Health starts failing at 47 in some parts of England and Wales

Latest figures show health will start failing at 47.

BBC News

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6th Mar 2018

Fatal ward attacks on patients

Trust apologises after failings contributed to two patients being killed in 2015.

Health Service Journal

Britain should go on a diet

Portion sizes in Britain should be cut.

BBC News

5th Mar 2018

Senior staff leaving NHS over pension cap

High earning employees choosing to leave NHS because of government caps on amount of tax relief applied to pension schemes.

Health Service Journal

Energy drinks ban in the UK

Sale of energy drinks banned in most major UK supermarkets to children under 16.

BBC News

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