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Monday 19th August 2019


2nd & 3rd Floors,
9 Holyrood Street,
London SE1 2EL

Tel: 020 7378 1122 / 0500 618140
Fax: 020 7403 0673
Email: enquiries@bliss.org.uk
www: http://www.bliss.org.uk
Sub-category: Charities & Voluntary Sector


BLISS - the premature baby charity, is dedicated to making sure that more babies born prematurely or sick at birth survive and that each has the best possible quality of life. BLISS raises much needed funds to campaign for better services for babies born too soon, too small or too ill to cope on their own; to support the parents and carers of special care babies; to sponsor nurse and health professional training; for research and donation of vital equipment.

One in eight babies born in the UK are premature or sick: 80,000 babies every year. BLISS exists to make sure these babies have the best possible start to life. We do this by supporting parents and families, campaigning to improve neonatal services, and commissioning research into innovations in care.

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