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Wednesday 21st August 2019

Cancer Prevention Research Trust

Street: 231 Roehampton Lane
Town: London
County: London
Postcode: SW15 4LB

Tel: 020 8785 7786
Email: mail@cancerpreventionresearch.org.uk
www: http://www.cancerpreventionresearch.org.uk
Sub-category: Charities & Voluntary Sector


Cancer is not one disease it is two hundred or more diseases. Inspired by the success with antibiotics in controlling infectious diseases, the public, and indeed, cancer research scientists have been concentrating in seeking a cure.

It is just possible that for many of the forms of cancer there will be no magic cure and the most practical approach will be to find means of prevention.

Many specialists in the field of cancer research now believe that chemicals present in food and the environment in general are responsible for 80 to 90 per cent of all cancers in humans; the remainder are believed to be caused by radiations or viruses.

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