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Thursday 19th September 2019

Video South

5 Kingsmead Square,

Tel: 1225 461985
Fax: 1225 444425
Email: info@videosouth.co.uk
www: http://www.videosouth.co.uk
Sub-category: Company - Hardware/Software


Video South Medical Television is a UK company at the forefront of telemedicine and medical videoconferencing technologies, with experience gained in over 20 years of intensive work in medical communication, education and practice.

Up-to-date knowledge of specialist medical imaging and the varied systems used in networking and image display allows the company to design complete telemedicine projects combining surgery, endoscopy, radiology, diagnostics and image archive. The installed telemedicine systems increase productivity in patient care, education and training in all fields of hospital medicine. The scope of our projects utilises conference rooms and lecture theatres equipped for multi-media presentations and networked communications.

Systems can be networked with technology that is standard in the UK hospital environment. Integration of department networks to Trust networks to NHS networks and with links to global medical videoconferencing can all be seamlessly configured to allow users to conduct real-time visual communications without boundaries.

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