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Sunday 25th August 2019

The Institute of Cancer Research

Dept CC 2007
123 Old Brompton Road

Tel: 0800 731 9468
Fax: 020 7153 5313
www: http://www.icr.ac.uk
Sub-category: Charities & Voluntary Sector


Founded in 1909, The Institute of Cancer Research is one of the world’s leading cancer research centres, without equal in Europe. Its unrivalled combination of genetics, molecular biology and drug development has been responsible for dramatic discoveries and improvements in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer in Europe, the USA and beyond. The Institute is a world leader in cancer drug discovery and development, cancer genetics and epidemiology, and in the development of advanced radiotherapy techniques.

The Institute therefore has a unique international role to play in taking cancer research to its ultimate goal: that people may live their lives free from the fear of cancer as a life-threatening disease. It is also a highly cost effective organisation, for every £1 received over 90p is devoted to supporting research. In order to sustain and develop its work, The Institute relies heavily on its legacy and donations income.

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