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Thursday 19th September 2019

Marie Stopes International

153-157 Cleveland Street

www: http://www.mariestopes.org.uk
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Marie Stopes International Global Partnership

Marie Stopes International (MSI) was established in London in 1976 and grew out of the organisation originally set up by Dr Marie Stopes in 1921. In 1977, MSI set up its first overseas centre in Ireland and a year later set up a programme in India. Today, the MSI Global Partnership provides sexual and reproductive health information and services to 4.8 million people worldwide in 38 countries across Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.

Each Partner (country) programme is a non-government organisation that is locally registered, managed and staffed. The London Support Office provides capacity building, technical assistance and support to all Partners and there are also offices in Brussels and Melbourne.

Teams in each country benefit from access to knowledge built up over more than 30 years and follow the same high standards of training, information and service provision. To maintain these standards, all operations are governed by a set of clinical, financial and management protocols that were developed from best practice within and outside the Partnership. Experience and expertise is shared among the Partnership and capacity is built through a programme of exchange visits, training programmes, mentoring systems and regional and international workshops.

MSI Worldwide

MSI Partners in the developing world work closely with governments, health professionals, other non-government organisations and local communities to design and deliver innovative and high-quality programmes of sexual and reproductive health care that are culturally appropriate and responsive to local needs.


MSI UK is responsible for establishing and managing family planning centres, nursing homes and referral centres in the UK and other developed countries - Australia, Austria, and Romania. The UK centre network is today the largest provider of family planning services in the UK, outside the National Health Service. In 2005, MSI in the UK provided services to over 112,000 clients.

MSI UK donates a substantial portion of its surplus each year to the Worldwide operation, increasing the sustainability of the Partnership's work in developing countries.

The London Support Office

The London Support Office provides a range of capacity building, support and technical assistance functions to the Partnership, ensuring that the standard of service to all MSI clients across the world is consistent, of a high quality and that there is accountability - all of which are crucial to long-term sustainability. This support includes:

Today, the MSI Global Partnership is one of the leading providers of sexual and reproductive health care in the world.

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