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Tuesday 17th September 2019

British Council of Disabled People

The British Council of Disabled People
Litchurch Plaza
Litchurch Lane
DE24 8AA

Contact: Simone Aspis
Tel: 0208 459 2998
Fax: 01332 295580
Email: simone@bcodp.org.uk
www: http://www.bcodp.org.uk
Sub-category: Charities & Voluntary Sector


Who Are We

The British Council of Disabled People is the UK's national organisation of the worldwide Disabled People's Movement. We were set up in 1981 by disabled people to promote our full equality and participation in UK society, and we now represent some 70 groups run by disabled people in the UK at national level. Between them our member groups have a total membership of around 350,000 disabled people.

If you care about the civil rights and social inclusion of disabled people, here are some ways you can support our work:-

If you are a disabled person living in the UK, you can join BCODP as an Individual Member.

If you are a non-disabled person, you can join BCODP as a Supporting Member.

Whoever you are, you can support us by making a donation.

What Makes Us Unique and Important

We are run entirely by disabled people of all impairments and therefore we accurately represent the interests of disabled people. Many organisations in the disability world are run by non-disabled people and as a result are badly placed to reflect our interests and wishes.

We believe that the position of disabled people in society is a human and civil rights issue and that society must be changed to allow our full inclusion. We believe that our disability arises from society's negative treatment of us; it is not an inevitable consequence of our impairments. So equality is possible and can be achieved through removing the barriers to our social inclusion. This belief is called the Social Model of Disability, which was a belief developed by disabled people in the 1970's.

We have been a successful leader in campaigning to improve UK society's treatment of disabled people through new laws and education. We led the campaign that resulted in the UK's Disability Discrimination Act.

We offer all disabled people in the UK the chance to get involved directly in working together to change our society, as a member of BCODP and as a member of our member groups who are based across the UK.

We work at international level, particularly through our membership of Disabled People's International, to support the capacity of disabled people to achieve greater civil rights and participation wherever they live.

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