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Friday 23rd August 2019

British Liver Trust

British Liver Trust 2 Southampton Road Ringwood BH24 1HY

Tel: 0870 770 8028
Fax: 01425 481335
Email: info@britishlivertrust.org.uk
www: http://www.britishlivertrust.org.uk/content/home/default.asp
Sub-category: Charities & Voluntary Sector


The British Liver Trust - Fighting Liver Disease

Founded in 1988, the British Liver Trust is a national charity set up to provide support and education, and to help fund medical research in the fight against adult liver disease.

We distribute many hundreds of publications each year helping patients make informed decisions, fulfilling the requests of individuals, medical centres and those holding meetings and conferences.

Our web site has proved extremely popular and makes a substantial contribution to the support we are able to give and the ease and speed with which information can be provided.

In addition, we work closely with Support Groups across the country and the Trust is an important first point of telephone contact for many people, whether suffering from liver disease themselves or for those concerned about relatives, friends or colleagues.

We also aim to fund relevant research that improves the lives of people with liver disease and this has included raising funds to enable projects and studies related to liver cancer, alcohol related liver disease and viral hepatitis.

We are campaigning on specific liver diseases due to alcohol (via a Working Party) and viral hepatitis (in collaboration with other agencies) and also complement the role of transplant organisations. Our work with the media on specific issues is designed to further raise awareness of liver disease and related topics.

Our involvement with professional medical personnel includes acting as the secretariat for the British Liver Nurses Forum, BASL (the British Association for the Study of the Liver) and the Hepatitis Nurse Specialist Forum.

To help achieve our objectives, the Trust works closely with others involved in liver disease including medical professionals, other voluntary sector bodies, Government departments and agencies and suppliers of products used in the treatment of liver disease.

We continue to campaign to improve the provision of care for people living with liver disease, ensuring whether they live in the town or country, treatment and support services are easily accessible and available on an equal basis.

A priority for the charity is to ensure services for liver disease are specifically commissioned in the NHS throughout theUK. Increasingly, we are looking towards parliamentary lobbying to help us achieve recognition of the urgent requirements of liver patients and to encourage those with influence to speak on our behalf.

Hand in hand, goes the need to raise general public awareness and to promote a better understanding of liver disease within society generally. Our on-going programme of regular updating and improvement of our fact sheets and information leaflets plays an important part in this objective and includes publishing literature in a number of languages.

Beyond this we continue to work with medical and scientific committees, the British Association for the Study of the Liver (BASL) committee and the Liver Section of the British Society for Gastroenterology, on a research strategy for liver disease based on the increasingly demanding priorities of today.

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