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Wednesday 21st August 2019


Overview Guide to Interactive Tools

Shortly, registered users will have access to a number of interactive tools.

Here is summary guide to each of the menu options available:

My hc2d

Launches a personalised homepage containing news stories based on your search criteria.
Provides summary information on your criteria for searches, email alerts and catch-up bulletin.

New search criteria

Define a set of new criteria for retrieving news stories, commentaries, features, jobs and events.
Set the time period for your search (eg between 1 Mar 2006 and 31 Mar 2006)
For example, you could set up a search to retrieve all information connected with "Cancer"
Save your criteria definition as a simple search (eg "Cancer News"), set an email alert or include the definition in your catch-up bulletin.


Lists each of the search criteria definitions you have saved.
Run each search as often as you like or delete those that no longer apply.

News Alerts

Lists all the definitions you have saved as email alerts; delete those that no longer apply.

Catch-up bulletin

Generates a PDF magazine on the fly containing the articles you are interested in.
Compiles all the articles that have appeared between any two dates.
Keeps a record of the date you last ran the catch-up bulletin so you don't miss anything.
You can run the catch-up bulletin routine as often or as little as you like depending on how up to date you want to be.
Lists the search definitions to be included in your catch-up bulletin; delete those that are no longer applicable.


You can save any article on hc2d into your own personal scrapbook for later retrieval.
Provides a list of scrapbook entries; delete those that are no longer needed.


You can add comments to articles and features on hc2d.
Provides a list of your comments so you can access them again at any time.
Allows you to edit or delete comments within a certain time frame.


Lists your criteria for searching events you might be interested in; delete those that no longer apply.
Set or disable email alerts for new events.
Run event search based on your saved criteria.
Advertise new event on hc2d for free.


Access subscription information on-line.
Edit personal details.
Change password.
Set default hc2d home page.

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