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Saturday 21st September 2019

USA & Canada

'Nice' TV reduces child aggression

19th February 2013

A US study finds that children fed a media diet of shows that portray empathy and non-violent dispute resolution show less aggression.

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Arthritis risk 'reduced' by sunshine

5th February 2013

US researchers say living in a sunnier climate may reduce risk of rheumatoid arthritis.

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Too much TV linked to low sperm count

5th February 2013

Men who exercise more have higher quality sperm than couch potatoes, a new study finds.

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Comment and Opinion

18th March 2010

Healthcare debate has changed US politics

Mark Mardell comments on how the healthcare bill has changed US politics.

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24th November 2008

Plastic use could cloud test results

A new study has suggested that using plastics 'could wreak havoc on biomedical experiments'.

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16th May 2008

Can mobiles be used as medical devices?

How new research could turn mobile phones into medical equipment.

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9th July 2007

Movie examines US healthcare system

The Weekly Standard's Christopher Caldwell examines Michael Moore’s Sicko

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More Top Stories

5th February 2013

People help spread dengue fever

Targeting the homes infected with pesticides won't stop them taking the disease to their friend's house, a study finds.

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5th February 2013

Bright fruit and veg protects nerve cells

Beta-carotenoids and lutein found in bright fruits and vegetables protect against ALS.

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Flu hits children and elderly in US

One in three try to diagnose online

Flu stretching hospitals in US

Dementia risk cut by beta-blockers

US mental health system 'broken'

Migraine and epilepsy genes 'linked'

Two cups of milk a day best for children

Other Top Stories

Loss of deep sleep affects memory

Early lunch boosts weight loss

Mastectomy linked to lower survival rates

Smartphones could spread the flu

Some children 'grow out of' autism

Warning over skin check smartphone app

Flu hits children and elderly in US

One in three try to diagnose online

Flu stretching hospitals in US

Dementia risk cut by beta-blockers

Press Releases

18th October 2016

Sharp rise in children contacting Childline about online porn

Relating to: NSPCC

6th June 2016

NSPCC calls for more action to support the mental health of babies and young children in care

Relating to: NSPCC

19th February 2015

Mayden awarded SBRI Healthcare bid

Relating to: Mayden

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More Features

The USA's six killer illnesses

The New York Times examines the six primary causes of death and illness in the United States.

Bipolar disorder

Some 4% of US population suffer from three types of disorder.

Blue sky plan works

Bill Clinton achieves ban on soft drink sales in schools.

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